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On this page, you'll find an accurate list of all songs recorded but not officially released by Britney. Some of them are available online, while others are still unheard of by the general public.

Conventional signs:Edit

Song - This song was registered or/and confirmed to exist but didn't leak

Song - This song was given to another artist, but Spears' version didn't leak

Song - Spears' version leaked (as spinnet/demo/full done song)

Song - Demo by another artist for Britney leaked, but Spears' version didn't leak

...Baby One More Time era/Other songs recorded in the 90's

  • I Have Nothing: Included on Whitney Houston's soundtrack album "The Bodyguard". Britney recorded this song in 1997 and got signed to Jive Records after the label's executives heard her version.
  • I Was Born to Love You: Features Eric Carmen. Produced by Andy Goldmark.
  • Jesus Loves Me: Whitney Houston cover song.
  • Let Me Take You There: Leaked from an old demo cassette from 1997 in July 2018.
  • Luv the Hurt Away: Features Full Force, the producer of the song. A version (rumored) with Don Philips was recorded but, as of now, it remains unleaked.
  • Magic Carillon: Produced by Max Martin. (Most likely fake)
  • Never Loved by You: Written & produced by Max Martin. (Most likely fake)
  • Nothing Less Than Real: It was included on a cassette tape labeled "Britney Spears Demos" from November 1997, submitted to various labels by Britney's manager Larry Rudolph. The handwritten list of songs includes "Soda Pop," "From the Bottom of My Broken Heart," "Thinking About You," "Wishing on a Falling Star," "Let Me Take You There," "You Got It All," "Love The Hurt Away," and "Nothing Less than Real."The cassette tape was put on auction on the site "Julien's Auctions" on May 3, 2018, and sold by $2,560 on May 19, 2018. As of today, the cassette tape remains unreleased but confirmed to exist.
  • Today: Recorded by Toni Braxton for her second album "Secrets" but it didn't make the album. Britney recorded her version of the song in 1997. Produced by Darren Whittington.
  • Wishing On A Falling Star: The same thing as Nothing Less Than Real
  • An Eric Foster White song later recorded by Jessica Simpson. he produced about 9 songs in total.
  • It's Britney Spears, Baby: Written by Wade Robson, used during performance remixes on her earlier tours alongside ''...Baby One More Time'', was intended to be on her debut album but was scrapped for unknown reasons.

Oops!...I Did It Again era
410PFT2Q75L. SL500 AA300

  • Asking For Trouble: Produced by Per Magnusson, David Kreuger, and Rami Yacoub. A fansite confirmed this song on November 20, 1999, before any information of the album had surfaced, along with two other tracks for the album. They also announced the final two singles from …Baby One More Time before any other source did – this proves their information was accurate. They announced this song along with “What U See (Is What U Get)” and “Walk On By”. While “What U See” made the album, “Walk On By” was included as the b-side to Stronger, which proves this song was indeed recorded for the Oops!… I Did It Again album. The article said this song was supposed to be released as a single, but it didn’t make the cut. It’s possible this song was released under a different title.
  • I'm The One: No info about this song. (Can be fake)
  • Too Much To Take: No info about this song.
  • Unknown Title: Produced by Shanks & Bigfoot. (They did 2 tracks)
  • He Loves U Not: Hit single recorded by the girl band Dream, was originally written for Britney for this album but was rejected before she recorded it.
  • A fake tracklisting leaked in early 2000, listed half of the actual album and some titles that never appeared on it. she didn't record much for this album. Jive was picky and they only spent money on the best demos they were given.

Britney era
Britney Cover

  • Am I A Sinner: Also known as "(Tell Me) Am I A Sinner". Leaked on July 28, 2010.
  • Baby Can't You See: Produced by The Neptunes. Described as a beautiful folk-ballad.
  • Bring Me Home: Written by Britney Spears, Brian Kierulf and Joshua Schwartz/Produced by BT. Confirmed in 2001 by Britney herself during a press interview. She said it was her favorite song off the album and that it had an organic/rock vibe, described as a “short acoustic interlude”...
  • Can Caper: Written by Samuel Paul Godin. The song was meant for a Pepsi Commercial starring Britney.
  • Cuz You're Looking So Good: Produced by The Neptunes.
  • I Don't Want You: Features Pharell Williams. Produced by The Neptunes.
  • It's a Small World: Recorded for a compilation called Disneymania but unused.
  • Mad Love: Probably produced by the duo Riprock and Alex G. Leaked on July 29, 2010.
  • My Love Was Always There: Performed on Dream Within a Dream Tour. The song was eventually re-titled and given to Enrique Iglesias who recorded it under the title "Maybe". The studio recording of the song remains unreleased.
  • Mystic Man: Performed on Dream Within a Dream Tour. The studio recording of the song remains unreleased.
  • Now and Then: Written by Samuel Paul Godin.
  • Oh Baby Baby (Let's Do This Tonight): Produced by Jellybean. (Most likely fake)
  • She'll Never Be Me: An Australian radio station leaked a part of the song in 2001. The complete version leaked online in 2008.
  • Take Ya Home: Features Pharell Williams. Produced by The Neptunes.
  • Turn on the Night: Produced by Max Martin. It was originally supposed to be on the album as track 6. Shortly before the album was released, it was replaced with 'Anticipating', some fans have it.
  • Weakness: Performed on Dream Within a Dream Tour. The studio recording of the song remains unreleased.
  • When I Say So: Produced by BT. Known alternatively as "Till I Say So". Described by BT as an 'upper-mid-tempo new-school break-beat track, with guitars and live drums.'
  • You Were My Home: Performed on Dream Within a Dream Tour. The studio recording of the song remains unreleased.

In the Zone era
96075 britney spears in the zone

  • Brand New: A demo that could eventually be "Brave New Girl"
  • Burn: Early demo for "Look Who's Talking Now". First snippet was leaked in 2014. Second was leaked in 2020.
  • Blow: Written by Britney Spears and produced by Jimmy Harry. The Producer demo leaked in 2017.
  • Conscious: Known alternatively as "Conscience".
  • Crazy Girl: Produced by Robert “Big Bert” Smith, who had also worked with Brandy and Toni Braxton. Although the article mentions the song being released as a European bonus track this is a mistake and not true. Britney was confirmed to have worked with him the previous year, and the song is unreleased and most likely an outtake from “In the Zone”. The article might have been referring to the song being intended to be released as a B-Side, appear on “In the Zone” re-release but this is unconfirmed.
  • Detox: Recorded by Bloodshy & Avant. Contains some "Me Against the Music" verses.
  • Devil in Disguise: Demo by Kandi Barruss. Contains samples of the Rock Boy instrumental. Released as "American Girl" by Brooke Valentine for her 2005 album Chain Letter.
  • Free: Produced by Guy Chambers. Written by Britney Spears
  • Get It: Known alternatively as "Gotta Get It".
  • Graffiti My Soul: Recorded by Girls Aloud for their second album What Will the Neighbours Say? (2004). Cheryl of Girls Aloud described Britney's version as "strange" and undermixed. Little is known about this song.
  • Guilty: Known alternatively as "Guilty Kiss". Samples Prince's "Kiss" (1986). A Quentin Harris remix leaked in 2003-04, in radio edit and mixshow form.
  • I Need You Tonight: Features Fred Durst.
  • Instant Dejavu: Written by Rick Nowels and Gregg Alexander. A 1:30 minutes snippet leaked on August 2016 and the full song leaked on January 31, 2017
  • It Doesn’t Matter How: Written by Cathy Dennis/Produced by Scott Storch
  • It Feels Nice: Known alternatively as "Sin City". A re-worked version of the rap Britney performed on her 1999 tour and during her 2003 'Punk'd' appearance.
  • Justify My Love: Presumably a cover of Madonna's 1993 song.
  • Like I'm Fallin':Written by Michelle Bell and Britney Spears it was published by Elleganza Music Publishing and Universal Music Corporation.Known alternatively as "Fallin'".A 7-sec. rumored snippet leaked on August 28, 2010. Rumored to be on Original Doll
  • Look Who's Talking Now: Recorded as "Look Who's Talking" on BoA's English debut album BoA (2009).
  • Milkshake: First song, that offered for Britney for the 4th album. Rejected for unknow reasons. Recorded by Kelis.
  • More Than You Now: Features Tweet & Timbaland.
  • Nothing: One of the tracks produced by Fred Durst.
  • Peep Show: Produced by Michelle Bell. Michelle leaked a 1″6′ snippet back in March 2012 and revealed on her Tumblr blog she is not allowed to leak the full version. Rumored to be on Original Doll
  • Pulse: Recorded by Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark (OMD) for their eleventh studio album, History of Modern. A snippet of low quality by Spears leaked on February 27.
  • Pleasure You: Was stolen and leaked with unofficial vocals from former pop singer Don Philip. The solo version is not yet leaked.
  • Rockstar: Didn't make the final cut. Leaked in October 2011.
  • Sacred: The song lyrics leaked online in 2010
  • Sweet Dreams My LA Ex: Written by Cathy Dennis and Bloodshy & Avant. as a response to Justin Timberlake. Britney rejected the song & the song was later given to British singer Rachel Stevens.
  • Sippin On: Official version leaked in September 2011.
  • Strip: Written by Britney Spears, Sheppard Solomon and Jimmy Harry. Recorded in 2002, removed from the final track listing as the song title was similar to the name of Christina Aguilera's album Stripped (2002). Said to be Spears and her manager Larry Rudolph's favorite song at the time. Recorded by Brooke Hogan
  • Stay: Produced by Sheppard Solomon. Confirmed by him in the June 2003 issue of “Music Week”. He described it saying it “sounds like Massive Attack meets Coldplay meets Britney.
  • Strangest Love: Registered with Broadcast Music Incorporated.
  • Take Off: Was leaked in May 2017 by Michelle Bell. Rumored to be on Original Doll
  • Ouch: Written by Michelle Bell, Britney Spears, and Nanna Kristiansson and published by Elleganza Music Publishing and Universal Music Corporation. It leaked online on April 11, 2012.
  • Untouchable: Written by Britney Spears, Freddie Jerkins, Kenny Pratt, LaShawn Daniels, and Rodney Jerkins/Produced by Tricky Stewart. Registered on BMG.
  • Watch What Ya Shakin (feat. Ying Yang Twins): Britney’s second collaboration with the Ying Yang Twins. Was confirmed by them in a 2004 radio interview. Described as sounding similar to Lil Jon’s “Get Low” and had a Latin vibe but this is unconfirmed.
  • Weakness: Written by Britney Spears/Produced by Dan Kenney, Brian Kierulf, and Joshua Schwartz. Originally written for ‘Britney.’ Reworked and recorded for ‘In The Zone.’
  • When I Say So: (aka ‘Till I Say So) Written by Brian Kierful, Britney Spears, Joshua M Schwartz, and Brian Wayne Transeau (BT). It was originally recorded in 2001 for the “Britney” album and later re-recorded for “In The Zone”, but was never released. Leaked on July 29, 2010.
  • Wonderland: According to songwriter Jimmy Harry, it has an electronic sound.
  • You Thought Wrong: Produced by William Orbit. Also mentioned in an article in Us Weekly in January 2003.
  • Tilt Ya Head Back: Intended for Britney Spears as a feature with recording artist, Nelly. Demo snippet premiered on a Singaporean radio station on March 22, 2016. Recorded by Nelly and Christina Aguilera.

Original Doll era
BritneySpears OriginalDoll v5

No other songs were officially confirmed for The Original Doll, but fans speculate that "All That She Wants" and was planned for the album.

Rumoured Tracks:

  • Fugitive (Or The Fugitive): Britney was photographed holding a CD with ‘The Fugitive’ and ‘New’ written on it while on tour in Spain in May 2004 but it’s unknown if this was a demo CD [See photo]. She was leaving for Germany when the photo was taken and if this was a demo CD this was a song recorded for the “Original Doll” album and possibly might’ve been one of the songs she wrote and then worked on with Henrik Jonback for it but this isn't confirmed. A snippet leaked in September 2020.
  • You Have No Idea (Diary Of...): Michelle Bell revealed that this demo was the the last song Michelle and Britney worked on together. The producer demo leaked in May 2017.
  • Money, Love & Happiness: Little is known about this song. Available to find online. Rumoured to be on Original Doll. Written and produced by Michelle Bell.
  • Disguise My Love: Michelle Bell revealed that Britney recorded the song. The producer demo leaked in January 2018.
  • Little Me: Recorded in 2005. A 59-second snippet leaked on April 7, 2006 via Britney's website. Known alternatively as "For My Sister", "To My Sister" and "Just Yesterday".
  • Original Doll: In September 2020, lyrics of a supposed title track are teased "No more hitting a wall, Original Doll". (Can be fake. The instrumental is 100% simular with Voodoo)
  • Never Lie: Written by Britney Spears and Dandurand Jeffrey Joseph. Registered to ASCAP.  
  • Giving it Up for Love: Written by Britney Spears, Scott Storch, Kara DioGuardi and Robert “EST” Waller of Three Times Dope. Produced by Scott Storch. Confirmed March 2004 and registered to EMI in August the same year.
  • Strut: It's a theory by fans that it's a track title from the music video "Do Somethin" 2005.
  • Hole In The Wall: It's a theory by fans that it's a track title from the music video "Do Somethin" 2005.
  • Love Boat: It's a theory by fans that it's a track title from the music video "Do Somethin" 2005.
  • Till Death Do Us Part (feat. Kevin Federline)
  • The Things We Do For Love

Blackout era

  • 911: Known alternatively as "Nine One One". Published by Bug Music and Southside Independent Music Publish
  • All That She Wants: The chorus samples 1993 Ace of Base hit All That She Wants. Verses are taken from a poem called "Remembrance of Who I Am", written by Britney herself back in 2006.
  • All The Way: Written by Dr. Luke, Cathy Dennis, and Jack Splash/Produced by Dr. Luke. This is also known to be the first time Britney and Dr. Luke worked together. Dr. Luke described this song as a “feel good, upbeat song” in an issue of US Weekly. The song was confirmed in early 2007.
  • Beautiful Night: Written by Billy Crawford and confirmed by him. It’s possible Britney never recorded this song based on his comments in an interview: “She loved the song. She promised to use this in her next album. The only question is when.” “If she doesn’t use it, I don’t mind singing it myself. But last I heard, Britney is now preparing for her comeback so she might use this after all”.
  • Boyfriend: Written and Produced by T-Pain and confirmed by him.
  • Butterfly: Written by Cathy Dennis.
  • Candy From A Stranger: leaked around 2008.
  • Cry (a.k.a. Tear): Britney’s former publicist said that Britney recorded this song in 2007. Rumored to be a ballad written by Kara DioGuardi & produced by JR Rotem. It was rumored by many media outlets Britney would perform this song at the 2007 VMA’s along with “Gimme More”
  • Crucify Me: Demo by an unknown singer leaked on May 10th 2019. Appears on the Blackout Sessions song list leak.
  • Do What You Do 2 Me: Written and Produced by NeYo. Said to be written for Blackout, but failed to be included and given to Nicole Scherzinger.
  • Downtown: Written by Kara DioGuardi and J.R.Rotem Published by Bug Music and Southside Independent Music Publishing LLC.
  • Dramatic: In March 2008, a duet version with Heidi Montag was sent to Ryan Seacrest, who premiered it on his show On Air with Ryan Seacrest.
  • Fed-Ex: Registered on ASCAP with unknown publishers.
  • Flown Away: Produced by Mark Bell, confirmed by someone from Britney fansite worldofbritney who was given a 5-track demo CD from Sony BMG which had this song on it. He said the song is the most experimental Britney had done and described it as “an electronic ballad that ends in uptempo”.
  • Grow: Described as an "electro-ballad" by Steve Anderson.
  • Hooked On: Known alternatively as "Sugarfall".
  • Hide From The Sun (featuring Taboo of The Black Eyed Peas): Produced by Jonathan J.R. Rotem. Apparently confirmed by J.R. this song in a radio interview in early 2007, however, there is no audio from the interview to prove this. Britney and Taboo were also seen entering the same recording studio in early 2007, so there could be some truth to this rumor.
  • I've Been Loving You Too Long: Cover of Otis Redding song. Leaked on April 9, 2019.
  • Just Let Me Go: Known alternatively as "Love 2 Love U". Leaked on December 2, 2011.
  • Kiss Me All Over: Known alternatively as "Kiss You All Over".
  • Love (In the Bahamas): Written by Pharrel Williams/Produced by The Neptunes. Confirmed by someone from Britney fansite worldofbritney who was given a 5-track demo CD from Sony BMG which had this song on it. Not the same song as “Love” (“Love” was written by Sean Garrett and is known to have different producers). Yet unconfirmed cos never came to public.
  • Motherlove: Written by Keri Hilson/Produced by Danja. The only song Britney and Danja worked on for Blackout that wasn’t released. Confirmed in 2007 on Keri Hilson’s website.
  • My Big Secret: Alternatively known as 'Secret.' A snippet leaked on January 1, 2012. Originally recorded for Janet Jackson for her album "All For You" but failed to make the final cut.
  • One Of A Kind: Written and Produced by T-Pain and confirmed by him.
  • Pull Out: Known alternatively as "When U Gon Pull It" and "Pull It".
  • Rebellion: Leaked in 2006. Full version is confirmed to exist, but is yet to be released/leaked.
  • Red Carpet: Little is known about this song. Available to find online as Instrumentel demo on Youtube or Newgrounds
  • Red Hot Lipstick: Demo Leaked March 13, 2018 by producer Doug Elkins. The song featured rapper, Noterock. Most of the track was written by Spears herself.
  • Sexify: Recorded by Lisa Greene.
  • Sippin' On (Remix): A Remix featuring rapper AC was commissioned for Blackout (2007).
  • Someone: Set to be released as the second single but replaced by 'Piece of Me.' This song is a ballad where Britney herself confirmed she was to release the music video in December of 2007 with little to no choreography.
  • Somewhere: Written by Britney Spears.
  • State of Grace: Recorded as "Entre Nous Et Le Sol" by Christophe Willem for his second album, Caféine (2009).
  • Supersensual: Recorded by Lisa Greene.
  • The Face: Seen on the back of the demo CD from 2007. Written by Spears and JR Rotem and produced by the latter.
  • Time Goes By: Written by Cathy Dennis
  • To Love Let Go: Known alternatively as "Let Go".
  • Trouble (Elvis Presley cover): Produced by Danja. Different from the “Circus” track. & samples the song of the same name by Elvis Presley. Britney sang the opening lines of that song during her performance at the 2007 MTV VMA’s.
  • Untitled Lullaby: Known alternatively as "Untitled/Lullaby" and "Baby Boy". Also exist demo "Beautiful Lies" with the same instrumental by Kim Ross.
  • Warning: Recorded by Sean Garret.
  • Welcome to Me: A 6-second snippet leaked on October 6, 2011 under the title "Love". Full demo leaked on May 11, 2014.
  • When I Grow Up: Recorded by The Pussycat Dolls and originally offered for Spears.
  • Who Can She Trust: Described by J.R. as 'an introspective composition written solely by Britney. She sings 'Where am I?/Where will I find my face?/Where will I find my faith?' over a snap music hip-hop beat accompanied by the sound of a camera shutter clicking'.
  • Yes I Will: Written by Sean Garrett, Henrik Jonback and Bloodshy & Avant/Produced by Bloodshy & Avant. The song was registered without a performer but it can be assumed it was for Britney due to Britney working with all of these artists once before (Sean Garrett and Bloodshy & Avant worked with her on “Toy Soldier”, and Henri Jonback was the co-writer of Bloodshy & Avant-produced “Toxic”), however, this is unconfirmed. A snippet of the song (now deleted) has been leaked and is available on SoundCloud.

Circus era

  • Abroad: Little is known about this song. Available to find online.
  • Dangerous: No info about this song. Available to find online.
  • Elevator: Recorded by Sky Ferreira.
  • Entertainment: Recorded by Bloodshy & Avant.
  • Every Day: Known alternatively as "Everyday".
  • Feet On The Ground: Recorded by Myah Marie.
  • Flame Thrower: Recorded by Chris Brown.
  • Follow (One): Recorded by Danja.
  • Follow My Fingers: Written by Britney Spears. Rumored snippet leaked on August 5, 2010.
  • Forgiven
  • Insatiable: Recorded by Lisa Greene.
  • No Way (Redirect to Quicksand): Demo by Britney doesn't exist. Before Quicksand was recorded as demo, Lady Gaga recorded No Way (Demo was leaked and avaible to find on Internet). Instrumental was very simular to final version (Quicksand). The song was first offered to artists like Britney and Beyoncé, but is now intended for a future release. The song was thought to appear on The Fame Monster as a bonus track for those who bought the album through Gaga's official site. Three days after the release of the album, it was confirmed that this rumor was fake and was developed by a Russian music store.
  • Outta My Head: Recorded by Fernando Garibay.
  • Prince Charming: Recorded by Chad Beatz.
  • Pucker Up: Recorded by Kaleena
  • Royalty: Recorded by Etta Bond.
  • Superlover: Recorded by Fernando Garibay. Known alternatively as "Supalova".
  • Take the Bait: Published by Christopher Matthew Music and Hitco Music.
  • Tear The Club Up: Recorded by The Outsyders.
  • Telephone: Lady Gaga recorded the song alongside Beyoncé for her third EP, The Fame Monster (2009), Britney is there as a back vocalist. An early demo of the song leaked on May 2, 2010. Another demo of the song featuring both Lady Gaga & Britney Spears was recorded for her EP and was also considered for inclusion on The Singles Collection. It leaked on January 6, 2015. The song was originally believed to be titled "Underground" after a song of the same name was registered on ASCAP before album release.
  • This Kiss: A 16-second snippet leaked on April 26, 2012 under the title "Kiss". Full Version leaked on April 29, 2012.
  • Under Arrest: Recorded by Dawn Richard.
  • Velvet Lipstick: Recorded by Andre Merritt & Chris Brown.
  • When I Grow Up: Recorded by the Pussycat Dolls for their second album, Doll Domination (2008). In 2011 The demo of the song that was sent to Britney, recorded by Theron Thomas leaked.
  • Whiplash: Recorded by Selena Gomez & the Scene for their third album, When the Sun Goes Down (2011). Britney recorded her version, but it's still not leaked.

Femme Fatale era
Femme Fatale

  • Ambulance: Written by Nicole Morier, Produced by Bloodshy & Avant.
  • American Dream: Recorded by Sky Ferreira.
  • Antidote: Recorded by Lisa Greene.
  • Bad Behavior: Produced by Danja and Tiesto.
  • Black Widow: Demo Recorded by Myah Marie.
  • Burning Up: Cover of Madonna's song. A remixed version of the song leaked on June 10, 2011. Original version leaked on March 24, 2014. Spears performed it on the Femme Fatale Tour.
  • Chaos: Was going to be performed on the Femme Fatale Tour but this was changed.
  • Click: Demo by Mia J, written and produced by Daniel Sherman and Winston Sela. Was intended for Spears but turned down due to similar tracks from the previous album exploring this topic.
  • Connected: '
  • Get Outta My Way: Written by Mich Hansen, Lucas Secon, Damon Sharpe, Peter Wallevik, Daniel Davidsen/Produced by Lucas Secon. In May 2010 the producer revealed that Jive was very interested that Britney’s recorded the song after hearing the demo version and offered a very good amount of money, but was reject and delivered to Kylie Minogue, that release the track as the second single of her eleventh studio album Aphrodite (2010).
  • Hallucination: Recorded by Sky Ferreira and Coco Morier.
  • I Dare You: Recorded by Bonnie McKee.
  • I Need A Change: Recorded by Esther Dean.
  • Love Is War: Recorded by Shelly Peiken.
  • My First Love: Recorded by the song's producer.
  • Poison: Produced by Shakur Green, assumed to be recorded for “Femme Fatale”. Registered to ASCAP February 15, 2011.
  • Red Is The Color: Recorded by Heather Bright. Britney was confirmed to have recorded it by one of the songwriters via twitter.
  • Sorry Adam: Recorded by ELXXR.
  • Stereotypical Lover: Recorded by K. Briscoe.
  • Sugar Rush: Recorded by Myah Marie
  • Timebomb: Demo recorded by Livvi Franc
  • Turn It Up: At first, this song leaked online as a raw demo in its "raw vocal". However, it was later confirmed by the composer and the song was recorded in June 2010. Leaked on September 2, 2011
  • Unbroken: Published by BMI.
  • Unknown Snippet: 7 seconds snippet leaked online. Nobody knows the title of the song and the full version has never been leaked
  • Vertigo: Recorded by Nicole Morrier.

Britney Jean era
Britney Jean

  • 10 Seconds: A demo by Dev Hynes is available to find online.
  • Animal: Demo by Myah Marie. Written for Femme Fatale or Britney Jean
  • Cocaine: A demo by Olivia Louise is available to find online.
  • Diplo: ​​​​​​Instrumental demo availbe to find in VK
  • Father's Eyes: Registered on BMI. Thought to be a glitch as the songwriter Ina Wroldsen confirmed Britney had not recorded a version of it to her knowledge.
  • Exhale: A demo by Elle Vee is available to find online.
  • Legion: A demo by Ina Wroldsen is available to find online.
  • Lips: A demo by the song's producer is available to find online.
  • No Name: A demo by Dev Hynes is available to find online.
  • Never Lie: Written by Joseph Jeffrey Dandurand. Registered in ASCAP in January 2013 with Britney as the performer. The songwriter, Joseph Jeffrey Dandurand is fairly new, so this gives speculation it’s a new song recorded for the eighth album.
  • Old City Of Mine: A demo by the song's producer is available to find online.
  • Tell It Like It Is
  • Untitled: An instrumental beat snippet by Danja is available to find online. An alternative version of the song for the album renamed Dangerous/Blackout 2.0. Available on SoundCloud. + Another instrumental demo available to find in VK

Glory era

  • All The Way
  • Breathe Heavy (English Version): Recorded By BP RANIA
  • Emergency
  • Famous
  • Dem Chicks Be Like
  • Devotion
  • My Own
  • Turn The Lights Out: Recorded by Elle Vee.

B10 era Edit

B10 isn't released, but some guys leaked demos, which could be for this album. No songs were officially confirmed for B10. We don't know, will this album be released or not, but in 2019 (before rejecting Domination residency) and in 2020 (after Mood Ring worldwide release) Danja sometimes mentions #B10.

Rumored Tracks:

  • Lightness: Published by Stephwong Music.
  • Demonstrate: Confirmed by Danja in 2020 on Twitter
  • It's Not Enougth: Leaked by Danja
  • F*ck What You Know: Comfired by Danja in 2020 on Twitter
  • Marilyn Monroe: Comfired by Danja in 2020 on Twitter
  • Welcome To The Jungle: Danja mentioned it in 2019 on Twitter. Year later, he comfired as title of the song for this album there

+ 3-4 song, which titles Danja has forgot

Other unreleased songs Edit

  • Donni Hotwheel Megamix: It was removed from "3 - Single" last minute. The song is a megamix of Spears' hits: "Break The Ice", "Circus", "Piece of Me", "Gimme More", "If U Seek Amy", "Womanizer", "3". Available to find online.
  • Hey Ma: Leaked December 2017. Intended for the major motion picture Fast & Furious which was originally recorded by Pitbull featuring Britney Spears and Romeo Santos. Re-recorded by Pitbull featuring J. Balvin and Camila Cabello.
  • I Feel So Free With You: Leaked on October 30th 2019. Initially intended as a promotional track for the Piece Of Me European tour, with Pitbull as the lead artist featuring Britney Spears and Marc Anthony. On April 13, 2020 Somebody uploaded on iTunes under the artist "Brittany Jean".
  • Follow Me: Written for sister Jamie Lynn Spears as the theme song of television series Zoey 101. Demo version by Spears known to exist.

Songs, that released but are unreleased for other albumsEdit

...Baby One More Time

  • Where Are You Now [Promo CD-R] (4:44) – Alternative raw version from the song from the second studio album, released only on both US and european …Baby One More Time promo CD. Replaced in the final tracklist for “I Will Be There”. Reworked by Max Martin with the orchestral arrangement that’s on the Oops! I Did It Again album version.
  • You Got It All

Oops!... I Did It Again


In The Zone

  • And Then We Kiss: A "Junkie XL Remix" was officially released on "B In The Mix: The Remixes" album (2005). The original/official version leaked on September 2011.
  • Chaotic: Chaotic”, which was included on the Britney and Kevin: Chaotic bonus disc, was originally supposed to be a bonus track on European editions of the album, but plans for that fell through.
  • Over To You Now: Originally recorded for In the Zone, Then released as a european bonus track on the Britney and Kevin: Chaotic bonus disc.

Greatest Hits: My Prerogative

  • Breathe On Me: Was supposed to release on album and as a single but removed last minute. Only remix of this song were included

Original Doll


+ 4 song, which was supposed to release in re-release Blackout from Circus album

Circus No Songs were released for another album

The Singles Collection

Femme Fatale No Songs were released for another album

Britney Jean No Songs were released for another album


  • Pretty Girls (feat. Iggy Azalea): Written by George Astasio, Maegan Cottone, Perrie Edwards, Jesy Nelson, Jade Thirlwall, Leigh-Anne Pinnock, Amelia Kelly Amethyst, Jason Pebworth, Jonathan Christopher Shave. Scrapped by Britney as the lead single of the album, and left as a summer standalone single. A demo by Charli XCX called "Heart In My Pocket" available on online.

Alternative Unreleased Versions of song Edit

Album versions

  • Bombastic Love (Remix Version): Some spinnets has been cut from The Making of The Movie Crossroads.
  • Early Mornin' (Explicit Version): Includes more heavy Britney's vocals. Spinnet is avaible to find online
  • Mood Ring (The Chainsmokers Version): Originally song was offered to The Chainsmokers where Britney was featured. Original instrumental was used in "Waterbed".

B In The Mix: The Remixes (Vol. 1 and Vol. 2)

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