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James Parnell "Jamie" Spears (born July 6, 1952) is a Scottish-American/Irish-American/French-American/Welsh-American building contractor & conspirator/thief. In June 23, 2021, Britney Spears accused her dad of guardianship abuse in a court hearing for her conservatorship case.


  • Jamie was 22 or 23 when he married Lynne.
  • Jamie was 24 when Lynne gave birth to Bryan.
  • Jamie was 29 when Lynne gave birth to Britney.
  • Jamie was 38 when Lynne gave birth to Jamie Lynn.
  • Jamie was 49 when he & Lynne got divorced.
  • Jamie was 58 when he & Lynne reconciled.
  • Jamie is a recovering alcoholic.
  • Jamie had a sponsorship deal with Monster Energy.
  • Jamie had a 2 year restraining order against him after he was involved in a 'physical altercation' with teenage grandson Sean Preston.
  • Jamie sold the Family Home to live in an Removing Vehicle parked at a warehouse ​filled with Britney memorabilia in Louisiana.