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Curious: In Control is a fragrance by Britney Spears & Elizabeth Arden.

Due to the success of Curious, a limited edition of the fragrance was released on April 16, 2006 hit the stores in some countries, including the United States, Canada, Japan and Europe.

The perfume's bottle is the same as the original Curious except it is black rather than blue.

The fragrance uses loquat fruit, midnight orchid, creme brulee, black vanilla bean, sugared sandalwood and musk. It is supposed to be "both sweet and sexy."

Although the fragrance was initially reported to be a limited edition for a limited time, it's still available for purchase.

About the name, Britney said:

"As I get older, the names go with my age. It's more demanding, it's more sensual, it's black, it's about being in control. That's cool and inspirational ... girls need that."