Britney Spears Performing Womanizer On Thursday November 27th 2008 At The Bambi Awards 5

Britney Spears Performing Womanizer At The Bambi Awards.

This was a small mini tour by Britney Spears to promote her album Circus. The tour ran from Thursday 27th November 2008 to Tuesday 16th December 2008. Britney performed in Germany, France, England, United States And Japan. She only performed Womanizer except for the U.S performance where she performed Circus aswell. The tour was performed on T.V shows: Bambi Awards, Star Academy, The X Factor, Good Morning America, Hey! Hey! Hey! And NTV's Best Artist.


Thursday 27th November 2008 - Bambi Awards - Offenburg, Germany

Friday 28th November 2008 - Star Academy - Paris, France

Saturday 29th November 2008 - X Factor - London, England

Tuesday 2nd December 2008 - Good Morning America - New York, United States

Monday 15th December 2008 - Hey! Hey! Hey! - Japan

Tuesday 16th December 2008 - NTV's Best Artist - Japan

Other Info

Whilst at the Bambi Awards Britney received the award for 'Best Pop International Artist' by Designer Karl Lagerfeld. On the X Factor the contestants performed Britney's songs and her performance was watched by 12.8 million UK citizens making it the most viewed epsiode of X Factor history. Also on the X Factor she met the judges and presenter: Simon Cowell, Dannii Minogue, Louis Walsh, Cheryl Cole And Dermot O' Leary. She performed Womanizer which was remixed in two different ways. Her performance on Good Morning America was on her 27th birthday and was presented by Diane Sawyer and Robin Roberts. Some of Britney's family watched the Good Morning America performance at the Big Apple Circus, these included: Jayden James, Sean Preston, Lynne Spears And Bryan Spears.