Britney Spears Wiki

This page is dedicated to rules and laws that apply here on the Britney Spears Wiki.

All the rights that are made for users on the wiki are allowed within a reasonable limit.

If you have any questions, please contact an admin.


  • Not knowing about these rules is not an excuse for breaking them. If you’re warned for breaking rules “I didn’t know” is not an excuse, all users must read these.


Community Interactions

Applies to discussions, comments, user pages, message walls, and the Discord server.

  • Spamming the comments with gibberish and nonsense is not acceptable, and will result in a ban.
  • Comments and discussion posts must be written with a purpose. One-word or "spam" comments/posts with no particular purpose may be deleted without notice. Continued posting of non-constructive comments/posts may result in a ban.
  • Starting fan wars or insulting another user's point of view will not be tolerated. You may not insult other users if they have a different opinion than you. For instance, if someone says they are a fan of Glory, it is not appropriate to respond and insult them for having that opinion. You may state that you disagree and tell us why without insulting someone else.
  • Do not come here only to bash the artist. This one seems pretty obvious. If you don't like Britney Spears, don't come here and start commenting about how much you dislike her. You will be asked to leave.
  • Swearing is allowed to a certain degreeHowever, if you are using profane language to bully another user, action may be taken in the form of a warning or a ban. The level and frequency of profanity will also be taken into account. Please note that racial, homophobic, and gendered slurs are never tolerated.
  • Intimidating or harassing another user is not appropriate. If an administrator deems that you are intentionally making another user feel unwelcome, you will be banned without notice.
  • Do not edit and/or deleting another user’s user page without their permission. This will result in a one-day ban. Continued modification of other users' personal pages will result in longer bans.
  • Sexually explicit images are not allowed here and will result in an infinite ban. This ban may be appealed depending on the severity of the actions.
  • If you are banned, and harass administrators to try to get unbanned, your ban time will be extended or doubled. Word of advice, if you believe your ban was unjust, let us know why kindly. Do not attack us.
  • Do not flood the comments, message walls, or Discord server. For instance, do not post one letter per line. This makes it difficult for other users to have a conversation or see the wiki activity feed. If you do this, you will be warned or temporarily banned, depending on the severity.


  • Articles Must Be Important - It is strictly forbidden to create articles that have nothing to do with Britney Spears. Articles must be factual and have a purpose for this wiki. Do not create articles called "Britney is the best," instead, create articles for the songs she has sung, the albums she has released, etc.
  • Articles Must Be Factual and Correct - This is not the place for fanfiction or inventing your own characters, songs, and/or events. All articles must be factual to the events of the series. Any deliberate attempts to insert or create false information will result in a ban of between one week and one year, depending on the severity.
    • Inserting unreliable information is also not allowed (i.e. information found via unreliable sources). If you have any questions regarding the verifiability of something, ask an admin!
  • No Vandalism - Vandalism is the conspicuous defacement or destruction of content. It is a usually deliberate attempt to damage the usefulness of content for other viewers. Any form of vandalism on the Britney Spears Wiki will not be taken lightly and will result in an infinite ban.
    • Replacing real content with fake content as a joke is not taken lightly and will result in a ban.
    • Removing a large amount of content from a page at once is unacceptable.
  • No Spam - Spamming pages with gibberish and nonsense is not acceptable and will result in a ban. 
  • No Advertising - Advertising one's business or something that will generate someone money is forbidden and will result in a year-long ban. This is not a place to make money.
  • No Trolling Trolling is absolutely not allowed on Britney Spears Wiki, and will be met with severe bans.
  • Categories - Only add appropriate categories to pages (i.e. the "Songs" category to a song). Adding random or inappropriate categories will be classified as spam or badge gaming, and will result in a ban.
  • No Badge Gaming/Bad Edits - Don't make bad edits just to get more badges and wiki achievements! Instead, over time, make good edits and get more badges as you work! If you are caught partaking in badge gaming, you will be banned for spam.
    • In other words, don't edit for the sake of editing. Edit when you have something to add or revise.
  • Image Policy - Do not add random images that have nothing to do with the article, or remove images that are important to the article. Do not change the main Infobox picture for a character, without consulting with an administrator first (i.e. don't change the main photo for Slumber Party). Please also note that GIFs are not allowed on article pages, but are allowed in gallery sections and user pages (this is open for negotiation).

General rules

  • No Impersonations - Impersonating another user or an administrator is never allowed.
  • No Tampering - Tampering with templates or MediaWiki pages is not allowed without permission from an administrator. If you want to change something, consult with a site admin! 
  • Stay Legal - Users are not permitted to share/discuss torrents, warez, or any other illegal content. If you want to share or discuss such a subject matter, please go elsewhere.


  1. Most of the time, after a user breaks a wiki rule, they will receive a warning. Some serious offenses will go without a warning, but with little things, a user will receive ONE warning.
  2. If a user has already received a warning and continues to violate the wiki policies, they will be banned depending on the severity of the action.